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Deviant Art - for non-comic art


Halloween 2005 Bonus art featuring yet-to-be-seen minor characters!
Krysta Concept drawing for someone who shows up briefly at the end of chapter 4.
Christmas 2005 Bonus art. Claire would never do this.
Mystery Guy Concept of guy from the beginning of the comic.
Roan Andrews Concept of ex-commander of the Elite Forces.
Katterie Delran Concept drawing of main character #6 who shows up after chapter 4.
April Fools 2008 I don't have many readers, so I'm not sure whom I was fooling. Swapped text with this page from Parallel Dementia.


FANART for me

Jill by "Mr. M" ;) I suspect his comic is here. But who knows.
Jason by Isuki Ini Go to her awesome comics here and here.
Sexy Jennifer by NJ Huff I'm an avid reader of her comics here and here.
Jason + Droid by 834n Holy crap! Look at all the glowing! 834n really does this fight scene justice, unlike the guy who actually created it...
Jill and Reid cameo! by 834n Jill and Reid show up briefly in the massive epic Parallel Dementia and Emergency Exit Crossover!
Claire by NJ Huff Oh man, here's the creator of Emergency Exit delivering presents again!