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These are comics I am currently reading. They are not listed in order of preference. I have a lot more that I plan to catch up on, but right now this is all I can handle:


Everyone dies!

Atavism - Updated ridiculously often. Has a good mix of comedy and action. The characters are also very interesting. Could you tell I stole some of his page layout ideas?



Emergency Exit - This is one of those gag-comics turned story-comic. There are still quite a few gags, though. A lot of the jokes had me laughing out loud.



Bad Ass Muthas - Oozing with style. The action scenes are extremely dynamic. I want characters as flexible as his.



Gunnerkrigg Court - If you don't know about this comic, you're in for a real treat. Kind of gothic and has horror elements, but it really isn't that scary.


Made funnier if you're actually a doctor.  Or ninja.

Dr. McNinja - Oh god, I can't stop laughing...


Freaky teeth and glowy eyes!

Parallel Dementia - This guy knows how to create quite an atmosphere. Dark and spooky. Has a lot of shared themes with my comic.